Whisky Flavours Collection 2 - Canvas 50x70cm

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The Whisky Flavours Collection 2 - Canvas 50x70 shows real photos of many whisky associations.

All flavour associations were arranged in a whisky glass and photographed with great attention to detail. They were not digitally manipulated.

On a 50x70cm canvas there is not enough space for about 200 photos in the necessary size. That is why we have divided the flavours onto two motives. So the flavours are very well visible and you do not have to do without any.

We offer two canvases with both motives. This canvas contains the aromas from L to Z.



 Motiv:   Whisky Flavours Collection
 Number of Flavours:   117
 Format:   50x70cm
 Material:   canvas
 Language:   English