Whisky Flavours

Here we would like to present our newest product group. We show the flavours as real photos in a whisky glass (no photomontage). These three examples should give an impression of the creativity and quality of the photos.




How much work the photographer has done can be guessed from these examples. Such flip-books are unfortunately not yet possible on a poster.




Our flavours wheel is classically structured (primary flavours - secondary flavours - flavours). The photos do not only look good. The aromas can also be assigned to the images much faster and better than would be possible with written names.

Whisky Flavours Wheel


In addition we offer with our "Whisky Flavours Collection" poster a collection of these flavours in alphabetical order.



Our booklet is included in the premium version of the poster. In the booklet all aromas are clearly sorted (according to primary and secondary aromas). In addition, there are anecdotes from the photographer about the creation of individual photos.