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The Whisk(e)y Atlas North America 2023 shows the Bourbon/Rye/Whik(e)y distilleries in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Our new "Whisk(e)y Atlas North America" is the logical consequence to take into account the rapid development of American whisk(e)y in recent years. Especially because it is no longer possible to meaningfully accommodate the number of US whisky distilleries on a single map.

While in 2013 there were still a moderate 300 distilleries in the USA, their number grew to over 800 distilleries in 2016. We are currently aware of 1,760 US whiskey distilleries.

The development in Canada is similar. There the number of distilleries has more than doubled from about 60 in 2016 to 143 today.

And who would think that there are 8 active whisky distilleries in Mexico?

In the atlas, more than 1,910 North American whisk(e)y distilleries are listed with address & web address and illustrated in 30 regional maps.

The "Whisk(e)y Atlas North America" is a good helper and companion for friends and those interested in North American whisk(e)y.


 Original title:   Whisk(e)y Atlas North America 2023
 Edition:   2 (2023)
 Language:   English
 Pages:   100
 Format:   Hardcover (30 x 21,5 cm)

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