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The film SCOTCH - A GOLDEN DREAM follows the traces of the whisky business together with some of the most famous names in the field.

Filmed entirely in Scotland, the film tells the story of the "water of life". It takes a comprehensive look at the production of whisky and the fascinating people who deal with it every day.

SCOTCH - A GOLDEN DREAM is also the story of Jim McEwan, master distiller and whisky legend. In a career of more than 50 years, he has gone from apprentice to one of the most famous faces in the industry. His career was crowned with the takeover of the abandoned Bruichladdich Distillery on his home island Islay, which he managed to bring new world fame.

In a series of personal interviews with him and some of the most important minds in the whisky industry, including Dr Bill Lumsden (Glenmorangie), Georgie Crawford (Lagavulin), Richard Paterson (The Dalmore) and whisky expert Charles MacLean, the story of and stories about the "Uisge Beatha" (gäl.: Water of Life) are brought to life. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

 original title:   Scotch – A Golden Dream
 edition:   2019
 language:   German, English
 subtitles:   German, English (optional)
 running time:   approx. 85 minutes
 Content:   1 x DVD 9

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